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We have a passion for details, and quality craftsmanship. We assist our clients in defining their vision of “home” and together create unique and beautiful architecture that will withstand the changing times.

We believe that the homes we design are more than just buildings, they are representations of the self and a refuge for friends and families. Our process allows Allen-Guerra’s design team to know our clients, their needs and desires, and guide them in creating their dream home.


Suzanne started the architecture firm in Colorado in the mid-1990’s and was quickly joined by her partner, Courtney Saldivar, and later by her husband, Timothy Sabo.  She has since opened the Houston, Texas office.  The team been busy designing houses and doing ranch planning in multiple states and countries during the past few years, including Hawaii, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Vermont, California, Wyoming, Canada, New Zealand, and Egypt, as well as many others.

AG has an extraordinary team of architects, engineers, and artists.  It’s been almost 20 years, and they are still having a fantastic time designing homes and ranches for our friends and future friends all over the world.

Suzanne Allen-Sabo


Courtney K. Saldivar, AIA



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